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Financial Services Specialist Investors

We specialize in backing innovative and high-growth firms in the financial services industry. We offer particular expertise in the asset and wealth management, securities, fintech, and related markets.


Long-Life Capital

We avoid the shorter-term investment horizon of three to five years that has become common in the private equity industry. Ideally, we make investments with the anticipation of holding them for ten years or longer.


Supportive, Non-Control Investors

We are minority investors and do not ask our management teams to cede autonomy or control of the businesses they have built. We seek to support your growth initiatives.


Strategic-Minded Capital

While we are minority investors, we seek to leverage our personal experiences having completed the full entrepreneurial cycle — from start-up to the sale to a Fortune 500 company.

NCP makes supportive, minority investments in growth-oriented financial services firms with innovative offerings and high-quality management teams.

Financial Services Specialist Investors

The financial services industry is vast and complex, and is therefore often uninvestible for generalist private equity firms. While some financial sponsors have recently discovered "the space" — particularly wealth management — few have any real experience in the market and therefore offer little strategic value-add. Against this backdrop, our transaction experience reflects the wide range of businesses and models in a broad scope of financial services sub-markets. Our expertise includes institutional asset management, investment consulting, wealth management, insurance companies, depository institutions, financial technology platforms, mutual funds, securities firms, and broker-dealers. For a visual of our areas of expertise, please click the image below.

Long-Life Capital

Unlike most private equity firms, our goal is to be a long-term partner of our portfolio companies. We capitalize each investment independently — by predominantly utilizing long-life family office funds, as well as our partners' personal assets — thereby eliminating the shorter-term investment horizon of three to five years that has become common in the private equity industry.

Supportive, Non-Control Investors

NCP is also differentiated among many capital providers in that it does not seek control investments. Rather, we support the growth initiatives and/or internal succession plans of fellow entrepreneurs to help firms thrive and grow — without forcing them to cede control and/or autonomy.

Strategic-Minded Capital

Although we are minority partners, NCP still offers strategic-minded capital. Prior to launching NCP in 2020, our founder, Peter Nesvold, ran Silver Lane Advisors, the M&A investment bank that was consistently ranked the #1 or #2 most active M&A advisor to asset and wealth management firms. After driving a six-fold increase in revenues and selling Silver Lane to Raymond James in 2019, Peter became chief operating officer of Raymond James' financial services investment banking group. Through these experiences, Peter gained valuable industry insight that NCP offers its portfolio companies. Among the ways in which NCP can add value is by assisting you, your executive team, and/or your board through:

  • Strategic initiatives;

  • Talent development;

  • Corporate governance;

  • Branding;

  • Acquisition opportunities; and

  • Other corporate actions.

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